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Tips for Choosing a Wedding Date

Here’s a little fact that those of us in the wedding business are quite familiar with:

43% of couples get engaged between November and January!

This means that many couples are frantically searching for wedding venues and picking a wedding date.  Knowing this, Shores Event Center offers a few tips for picking a wedding date in the Cedar Rapids area.

5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Date

  1. Be flexible.  Instead of determining a specific date first, you may want to visit venues and check their open dates first.  This will give
    5 Tips for Choosing a Wedding Date
    you more discretion to choose a venue that you love versus one that has your open date.
  2. Book as soon as you can.  Wedding venue calendars can be booked out 12-24 months from the time that you get engaged.  If you find a venue that you really love, it may be worth it to put down a deposit to reserve a date/venue while you continue to shop.  During this time of year, many other couples are “shopping” those same venues and dates.  Shores Event Center actually allows you to reserve your date but will issue a full refund as long as the cancellation occurs more than six months from the date of the scheduled wedding.
  3. Avoid University of Iowa football game days.  Sure, this may seem challenging if you want to get married in the fall.  This is why the buy week ends up being such a sought-after wedding date in this area.  If you end up having to choose a football Saturday, we recommend choosing an away game, and ideally scheduling around game time.  This probably seems crazy to some people but just remember that there are a lot of local fans and they will either be attending or watching those games.  You want your guests to be able to focus on you and your wedding day.
  4. Consider non-peak wedding season months.  The peak wedding season runs from April – October.  This means that venue and vendor availability will be challenging during these months.  It also means that your guests could have potential conflicts with other weddings.  Consider choosing a November through March date.  You may even receive better deals and/or service due to less chaotic vendor schedules.
  5. Host the ceremony and reception at one venue.  This trend is gaining in popularity for a variety of reasons.  First, you don’t have to coordinate dates between a ceremony and reception venue.  Two, it may reduce the cost for your wedding day.  Finally, it makes it much easier for your guests.

If you just recently got engaged, congratulations to you!  Now the hard work and decision-making begins!  Good luck!

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