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Shores Event Center Launches Sip & Surprise

It is hard to believe but we are now in our fourth year of offering Cork & Canvas as part of our exclusive Shores Event Center programming.  We were the first to offer Cork & Canvas in the Cedar Rapids area and boy did we start a trend!  That’s OK for us!  We love to be a trend-setter!  And we hope that we do that again with our new class….Sip & Surprise!

What is Sip & Surprise?

Sip & Surprise is our new class that is inspired by our successful Cork & Canvas.  Each class will feature two surprises:

  1. The first surprise will be a mystery cocktail that complements our selected activity for the evening.
  2. The second surprise is the “canvas” that participants will be painting.  No more boring, traditional canvases.

How About Some Hints?

Some of you may not love surprises.  No need to worry about that.  We will still post examples of what the “canvas” will be for each class so you will know ahead of time.  We may keep the specialty cocktail a secret though–just for fun!  But we may provide hints about that on social media prior to each class.

What Type of Canvases Can We Expect?

For starters, think bigger and better!  For those of you who have been to Shores Event Center in the past, you probably know that we love everything old and we love to re-purpose things.  It seems likely that our passions may impact future canvas selections.  For example, our first Sip & Surprise class is scheduled on Friday, March 11, 2016 from 7:00pm – 10:00pm.  For that class, we will be using old screen doors as our canvases.

What Else Should We Expect about Sip & Surprise?

For this class, there are a few things that participants should expect:

  1. The registration cost for Sip & Surprise will vary depending on the “canvas” that we select.
  2. Also, because of our special canvas selections, class sizes will also vary.  This means that if you see a “canvas” that you love, you should register right away!
  3. As always, Shores Event Center classes require pre-registration and with Sip & Surprise, it will be very difficult for us to honor walk-in requests.

We hope you all are as excited as we are about Sip & Surprise!

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  1. Angie

    How exciting!!!! I have loved attending a couple Cork & Canvas classes at Shores. This new class sounds awesome! Epic creativity…can’t wait!!!

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