Halloween Underground Escape Room at Shores Event Center - Shores Event Center Halloween Underground Escape Room at Shores Event Center - Shores Event Center

Halloween Underground Escape Room at Shores Event Center

We have now officially been running our Underground Escape room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa for one year. It is so hard to believe how quickly time flies. As promised, this month we have launched our Halloween-inspired escape room.

Here’s a few things about our Underground Escape rooms–in general–for those who are wanting to know more:

  1.  These rooms are not kits or out of a box.  They are built through the creative (maybe slightly crazy) minds of our team.
  2.  They are meant to be challenging.  We target a 20-30% success rate for each room.
  3.  We do not actually lock the door.
  4.  You can drink at our Underground Escape!  Grab a beer or a glass of wine and take it in with you.  For some people, this takes the edge off.  And if you need another drink while you are inside the escape room, you can go ahead and walkie our staff for another!
  5.  Not seeing a time that works for your schedule listed on our Events calendar?  Email us to schedule a private escape for you and your friends (minimum of 6 participants).

Now, here’s a little bit about our Halloween Underground Escape!  Like I mentioned above, these rooms are not something that we buy online like a mystery dinner theater kit.  And we also love to play off the history of our building as much as possible.  Did you know that there are rumors floating around about there being ghosts in our building?  Well, maybe our Halloween Underground Escape will explain some things!

The Halloween Underground Escape Room Challenge:

You and the other participants are part of the Board of Director’s for the Shores Mueller Bottling Company (the original owners and builders of the Shores-Mueller building).

You find yourselves trapped in a basement room of the factory.  You can hear the factory running above you and know that no one will be able to hear you scream.

You notice the cold presence of something otherworldly, A GHOST!!! It doesn’t feel as if its malicious but it is certainly trying to communicate. It wants to help you!!

In order to make your escape you will need to do the following:

  • Identify who the ghost is
  • Uncover the murder evidence (weapon and body location)
  • Determine the name of the killer
  • Confirm this information with the Shores Event Center ghost in order to make your escape and share these details with the police!

Do you and your team members have it what it takes?  There are limited dates available so we encourage early registration.



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