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Tips for a Destination Wedding and Local Reception

Are you contemplating a destination wedding and a local reception in Cedar Rapids? It definitely worked for one of our couples this year! Based on feedback from our wedding couple, Chris and Kady, and other resources, we have put together a few things for you to think about:

  1. Do you want loved ones to attend? With destination weddings there are times that relatives and close friends can’t make the trip due to traveling expenses, previous commitments, or time restraints.
  2. Travel information. It may make a lot of sense to use a travel agent to coordinate plans for the group.  Make traveling easy for your guests by providing itineraries and information such as airport locations, flight schedules, hotel check-in times, directions to the hotel from the airport, distances between each location for planning purposes and anything else you think your guests will need to know.
  3. Who pays for what? Prior to your guests arriving at your destination location, have a plan and communicate it to your guests regarding who will pay for what. Proper destination wedding etiquette says you pay for your guest’s food and beverage the day of your ceremony/reception, transportation needs to get to and from the ceremony (if they are staying at a different resort than you and your fiancé), and if you plan an excursion for your guests to attend you should cover that expense as well.
  4. Marriage license complications. Check into marriage license requirements ahead of time to avoid any issues.  When booking a destination wedding on an island or in a foreign country they might require you and your fiancé to show proof of residence for at least 3 days. When choosing a date, be sure to factor in time to fill out paperwork and get all the legal things done ahead of time.
  5. Resort amenities/concierge services. Make your destination wedding even more memorable by connecting your guests will all the resort/destination has to offer.  Finding one concierge to coordinate activities for your group can be extremely helpful.

Our couple, Chris and Kady, chose Bora Bora for their destination wedding. Being an adventurous couple they loved spending time on the island of Bora Bora snorkeling, scuba diving, swimming with the sharks, turtles and fish! They also experienced the neighboring island of Moorea for a romantic dinner and boat ride.

After returning from Bora Bora, Kady said she wouldn’t trade their experience for anything but admits they definitely underestimated the

Destination Wedding and Local Reception
money involved. Chris and Kady did not invite guests to their destination ceremony so they were able to save money on that front and spend it on their experience instead.  Kady shared with Shores Event Center, where they chose to host their local reception, that a hot dog was $24.00 and bottle of water cost $10.00 in Bora Bora so she encourages couples planning a destination wedding to do their research and budget planning ahead of time.

Many couples choose to have a local reception after their destination wedding in order to celebrate with more friends and family members.  Kady adds that the best thing about doing that is that you get to wear your wedding dress twice!

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