A New Year's Eve Wedding - Shores Event Center A New Year's Eve Wedding - Shores Event Center

A New Year’s Eve Wedding

It is that time of the year–around the holidays–when countless couples in the Cedar Rapids area decide to make the big decision to get engaged and start planning a wedding.  Once that engagement happens, the next big decision is WHEN will the couple get married.  Maybe you should consider a New Year’s Eve Wedding!

Why Get Married on New Year’s Eve

There are a few great reasons to consider planning a New Year’s Eve weddding:

  1. It’s the perfect time to celebrate something new!  Each year we celebrate the beginning of the new year.  Why not incorporate the
    Midnight Kisses at Shores Event Center
    beginning of a new life together as a couple?
  2. It’s a holiday!  This means that many of your guests will likely already have New Year’s Day off which makes it easier for travel and overnight accommodations.
  3. Create a safe celebration opportunity for your guests.  Many people like to go out for New Year’s Eve but it can be busy and there are a lot of people that may overindulge on alcohol and make poor decisions.  Arrange transportation for your guests at the end of the night to make sure everyone gets home safely.

New Year’s Eve Wedding Ideas

If you decide to get married on New Year’s Eve, here a few ideas to think about:

  • Plan an evening wedding.  If you want guests to stick around and help you ring in the new year, you will want to have a later wedding ceremony and reception.  Perhaps schedule the ceremony at 6:30pm with the reception to immediately follow.
  • Add a coffee bar.  Even if you plan an evening wedding, it can still make for a long day for the wedding party and the guests.  Provide a coffee bar with both regular and decaf plus all of the fixin’s to keep your guests going!
  • Don’t forget the champagne toast and party favors!  It isn’t New Year’s Eve without the champagne toast at midnight and all of the party favors.  We suggest holding these things back until approximately 11:45am to create a new level of excitement.

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