Underground Escape Speakeasy Now Available! - Shores Event Center Underground Escape Speakeasy Now Available! - Shores Event Center

Underground Escape Speakeasy Now Available!

We are excited to announce that our newest escape room, Underground Escape Speakeasy, is now open for registration!

This room is near and dear to our hearts because it is a perfect fit for our historic building and there is just something that we love about that time period!  Our Speakeasy room also has given us the opportunity to really try something new in our escape room line up.  If you have been to previous rooms at Shores Event Center, you may be quite surprised by your experience and what you find!  Get a sneak peak of our Underground Escape Speakeasy!


For newcomers (and regulars), here are just a few special things to note about your experience in this escape room:

  • Like all Speakeasies, the way in is a secret.  You must figure out the correct code.  Therefore, you will not be immediately greeted by Shores Event Center staff.  Don’t fear though!  We provide instructions and clues, if needed.
  • Once you find your way in, you can reward yourself with a drink at the bar.  Choose an Old-Fashioned, a specialty moonshine cocktail or a beer!  Our flapper will be happy to serve you!
  • Now, all you have to do if determine the correct pass-phrase to provide to your bartender and your group can escape before the police raid the establishment.

And more information for our newcomers (and regulars), that join us at Shores Event Center for our escape rooms:

  • Our rooms are not purchased and do not come from a kit.  We create our own proprietary escape rooms.
  • We tend to purchase most of our supplies at vintage and thrift stores.
  • We may very well be the only escape room in the Corridor area that offers bar service–for all of our escape rooms!
  • Escape rooms are meant to be challenging.  We shoot for an average escape rate of 33% across all of our rooms.  This means not everyone gets outs!

Special Note:  Minimum size for this escape room is 10.

Want to know more about this escape room?  Or schedule a private escape for Underground Escape Speakeasy?  Please email us or call 319.775.5367.

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